Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thurs Jan 29 2009

Dr. Yan gave us an interesting presentation about his current research interests.

Eva Fisher along with Ryan West, members of the Grad Students Association, invited the Brock Chem Club to a casino night fundraiser they are hosting on Tuesday February 10th at the Pond Inlet, 5-9pm. All proceeds will go to Raise the Net. Please come out for a fun night and help those in need.

A majority of members voted for a black club t-shirt, instead of red. The ink will either be red with a white outline, or all white if multiple colours prove to be too expensive. The cost will likely be $10 per t-shirt. I will set up a poll on this website to take size requests.

A ski trip idea was proposed. This would fall on a week day since those a discount student ski nights. The cost would be $51American (incl taxes) for a lift ticket (3-10pm) and equipment rental. If you are interested, please come to the next meeting, this Thursday February 5th at 5:30pm. Note: It is not necessary to have a passport to go to the States until June 1st.

UPDATE: If you are interested in going skiing, please talk to Jeff or send me an email. Jeff will be going skiing multiple times and you may be able to get in on a ride down there

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