Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thurs Jan 8 2009

Wow, so many events were planned at today's meeting. Here they are, attend if you can!

Thurs, Jan 22 - Bowling at Parkway Lanes at 9pm (see event for full description)
Thurs, Jan 29 - Meeting and a short presentation by Dr. Yan, 5:30pm in the the Chem Library
Thurs, Feb 12 - Lab Coat decorating party/meeting at 5:30pm, location TBA (at Brock)
Fri, Feb 27 - Rock Band and mixer/party at Alphie's Trough in the evening

We would like to recruit some new first and second year students into the group. There are lots of 3rd and 4th year members, but we are looking for the future of the club when they graduate. There are lots of events planned for the next while, so bring your friends out.

We also talked about putting our hard earned dollars to good use. We think it will be exciting to have a book prize or award of some kind for members. The details of such a prize are a little sketchy at the moment, since we just came up with the idea. We'd like the criteria to be something other than highest mark, something unique perhaps. If you have an idea, let us know! We discussed setting this up through Student Awards and Financial Aid, but that would require the club to be ratified, which brings but a whole new issue.

Initially we chose not to be a ratified club. To be ratified as an official Brock club, we would have needed many more undergraduate student members. A good chunk of our current members are grad students. A ratified club also needs to charge a yearly fee to members (min $2) and follow some other rules. As of now, we will try to get more first and second year student involvement and see where it goes from there.

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